Who we are

Our team is being co-managed by team directors Steve Hegg & Henk Vogels. Steve, gold medal winner at the 1984 Olympics and Henk, Tour de France rider, each have over 20 years of professional cycling experience.

The team will be based both in Australia and the U.S. racing 40 to 50 races in each country in 2009.

Team Roster
USA - Alessandro Bazzana / Curtis Gunn / Charles Dionne / Micheal Grabinger / Phil Zajicek
Australia - Bernard Sulzberger / David Kemp / Hayden Brooks / Ben Day / Ben King / Jonathan Cantwell

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Epilog - Fly V Australia / Successful Living TofC

At the guy from Fly V Australia that finished the race, I thought you would like to hear Ben Day's last observations of the Tour of California

....It was a tough opening for this fledgling team, but already there is talk about the future, about how mistakes will be corrected and how missed opportunities will be grasped. Team Fly V Australia will fight on and will be representing again very soon.

All in all, we had a fairly successful tour taking into consideration our limited preparation.

The highlights were a few days in good breakaways with Dave Kemp and Curtis Gunn and two top 10 finishes for Bernie Sulzberger, we will only go up from here.

I am really excited about this project. In such a short space of time, the boys were able to receive the invite to California and now that that has been achieved, all the resources will be put into pushing the team towards some lofty goals....
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BikeRadar.com review of David Kemp's Parlee TT

Bike Radar did a nice piece of David's TT bike and an interview with Parlee's Tom Rodi.

Here is some of what Tom Rodi said about the team and the bike.

....“Our fundamental motivation for working with the team (Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living) is simply that we love the sport of bike racing and we love to build race bikes,” he said. “As competitive as the athletes riding the bikes are, we are the same way about building the best race bikes in the world, so naturally we want them to be used at the highest levels of competition.The R&D we get from the athletes, mechanics and staff is really valuable, well worth the investment. A team of 14 pros is going to beat the snot out of the bikes and expose things that might take years to find otherwise.

“We've always looked to build not only the best riding but also the most durable race bikes out there, and pushing the bikes hard not only in testing, then riding and racing, but also in travel and transit exposes areas to do better. We're all for that. Getting our name in front of tonnes of fans around the world doesn't hurt either.”.....

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Friday, February 20, 2009

fi’zi:k Checking out the back sides of Riders

fi’zi:k is trying to justify taking pictures of the back sides of riders, by discussing their logo. She also included Curtis Gunn into her efforts.

...Curtis Gunn from the Fly V Australia pb Successful Living team said, “I definitely notice what’s on the backs of other riders because that’s how I pick out where my guys are or where other riders and teams are positioned. That’s how I can identify them quickly.” He continued, “I don’t notice that much when I’m out on a group ride but I definitely notice when I’m in the pack – in a race situation.”....
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

V Australia p/b Successful Living claim 9th place in Stage 4 of 2009 Tour of California

Top 10 for Criterium Champ Sulzberger

Bernie Sulzberger claimed ninth place in today’s 185 kilometre fourth stage of the 2009 Amgen Tour of California. On a day when the sun finally showed itself, Australian Criterium Champion Sulzberger fought hard to take his place among the world’s top sprinters with a tight top 10 finish in the field sprint in the stage from Merced to Clovis.

However with the warmer weather and a stage profile ideally suited to a sprint finish, the all-star teams of the fancied sprinters set to work and reeled in the break three kilometres from the finish. Sulzberger, with support from Ben Day, fought hard to make position in the finale as the bunch thundered to the line at over 70 kilometres per hour.

Speaking about his ride soon after the finish, Sulzberger said, “Man, that was chaotic and fast! The big teams were absolutely driving it, all Ben Day and I could do was hang on for the ride. It was almost impossible to move up. At about 800 metres from the line, a gap opened. To finish up ninth coming from 30th wheel inside the last kilometre in this quality field … I guess I’ve got to be happy with that.”

Sulzberger went on to add, “Hopefully I’ll have another chance to show what I can do in a sprint finish. This experience has whetted my appetite and I’m having fun.” With upcoming stages likely to favour the sprinters, Sulzberger is likely to get his wish.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alessandro Bazzana checking out Palomar

Bazz was riding today on Palomar Mountain and ran into a snow storm on the top of the KOM. Hopefully it will be better weather on Sunday.

Fi’zi:k giving us shelter from the storm

Given the weather for the first 3 days of racing it has been great having fi’zi:k giving us a place to get warm before & after each stage.

Check out Fi’zi:k blog for the Tour of California

Monday, February 16, 2009

Stage 1 - David not Aaron Kemp

We are glad that the Tour of California puts us into their press releases, but it would be nice if they checked with us on the names....

After his initial attack, Mancebo was joined by Aaron Kemp (Has David changed his name) (AUS) of Fly V Australia powered by Successful Living Foundation and Tim Johnson (USA) of OUCH presented by Maxxis on the descent following the first King of the Mountain (KOM) competition of the stage, and the race overall, on Highway 128. The riders formed a hard-working trio, eventually building a lead of more than 12 minutes over the pack. Mancebo left the breakaway group behind to take the lead on Howell Mountain, the second KOM, at 44 miles to go.
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Fly V Australia / Successful Living powered by Fi’zi:k

It is kinda fun hearing from the sponsor and how they look at the team...

Several weeks ago while fi’zi:k was making its annual Team Camp tour, we happened upon a meeting with the 1984 Olympic 4000m Individual Pursuit Gold Track Medalist, Steve Hegg. Hegg has been a long time fi’zi:k friend and has been directing and managing the Successful Living US Continental cycling team for the last four years. Each year Hegg approached fi’zi:k to sponsor, but each year we were inclined to decline simply due to bike sponsorship partnership criteria.

Late last year Hegg teamed up with an Australian group to form the Fly V Australia presented by Successful Living Professional Cycling Team. In so doing, they acquired a new bike sponsor, Parlee Bicycles. Parlee, while ultimately a manufacturer and distributor of framesets only, has always been a supporter of fi’zi:k saddles. You will always see fi’zi:k atop their complete bikes, in catalogs, at Interbike and most recently on their entire line of triathlon bikes at the 2008 Ford Ironman Kona World Championships. This time, we couldn’t refuse.

“What do you think about the idea of assisting us with a motor home for the Tour of California” Steve asked.

With laughter, guffaws, and cynicism covered first, we started to calculate the numbers: number of impressions –vs- numbers of dollars and within two short weeks, the Team V Australia presented by Successful Living Powered by fi’zi:k Team RV was born.
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UT talks to Ben Day of Fly V Australia

At last San Diego is starting to take notice of their local team. Don Norcross of the San Diego Union Tribune writes a colum called "Fitness Fanatics" on Fridays. Here is a a little of what Ben Day said to Don.

...........Before leaving Australia last week to ride in the Tour of California, Day stopped in Melbourne to handle his visa. Southeast Australia has been besieged by a record heat wave and wildfires that have claimed more than 180 lives. Railroad tracks have buckled. Temperatures in some parts have climbed to 118 degrees.

On Saturday, two days after arriving in California, Day rode in the Boulevard Road Race, set amid the mountains an hour east of San Diego. The elements produced a blizzard that turned to rain, with temperatures in the 30s.

Proving he acclimates well, Day won the race.

An omen for the Tour of California?

“It instills a certain level of confidence in the team,” Day said. “Hopefully, it shows I'm not just a team captain who's talking but can get results as well.”...................

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Fly V Australia / Successful Living in Pro Cycling News

My wife found this article - Vaugh Trevi did a great job with an overview of the team and the origins of the team...

....Australian/American Alliance
When asked how the alliance with the Successful Living team started, White said, "Nathan O'Neill put me in touch with Steve Hegg last October and we both have the same goals and the alignment of our goals and our willingness to work together brought us a long way in a short space of time. Our partnership is young but strong. We are looking forward to working with Steve Hegg and his Team to create a really strong and competitive squad. As a team we have won 7 races already in '09 and will look to add to these results at the Amgen Tour of California and into the season."....
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Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living's Ben Day Interview

Roadbike Action has a nice interview of last weekend's Blvd winner Ben Day. The interview was right after the announcement that Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living was going to the Tour of California.

....RBA: What races do you hope to be included in?
Ben Day: Yesterday, I found out that we were in the Amgen Tour of California. It's such a great race and the supporters are huge. V Australia will be having a massive influence on the ATOC this year. The Tour of Missouri is also a race I would love to come back and do well at. Back in Australia, the Herald Sun Tour I love fondly, and the Tour Down Under are the races that really excite me. This is such an exciting project and who knows if this thing won't grow to TDU and ProTour levels!.....
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

What are their chances - Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living Foundation

Chris White does a nice job talking up the team John Flynn at Cycling Central in Australia...

.....On paper, the eight-rider roster assembled for the Tour of California could surprise. V Australia’s G.C. man Ben Day, a quality time-trialist, has been a solid performer State-side and White is talking up the chances of both U.S. hill climbing specialist Phil Zajicek and Australian criterium champion Bernie Sulzberger......
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Team OUCH spin on Fly V Australia's Win at Boulevard

So was this just tactics or does Cameron Evans from Team OUCH know he is out classed by Ben Day....

...“The guys from Fly V were very aggressive on the last lap,” Evans said. “With four of them up there, I knew they would attack, and I figured one of them had a good chance of winning the race.

“First, I wanted to make sure I was at least on the podium,” he continued. “After all the attacking, it was down to me, Ben and David (Kemp; V Australia). With about 1 km to go, Ben rolled off the front and got a gap. At that point, I didn’t want to chase and drag his teammate up there, so I made sure I could at least secure second place in the sprint.”.....
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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Team Wins, Snow loses here in San Diego

The winning break: Evans, Day, Miller and Denny.

Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living won our 1st race with their Tour of California contingent together for the first time. Four of their riders only came into town from Australia on Thursday. There were several other teams here for the Pro/1/2 race at Blvd. Floyd Landis with OUCH, Jelly Belly, Team Type 1 and Rock Racing were testing the waters yesterday.

At the start there was a mini blizzard, with snowflakes the size of quarters and a crash within the first mile. Starting on the first lap of 4 our team dominated the race with Bernie Sulzberger in a breakaway most of the race and Ben Day winning the race.

...“We had safety in numbers there and we worked well together coming into the finish," Day observed of his winning attack, which he launched at a kilometer and a half to go. “It was a nice way to start the year for the team.” ...
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To the left is a picture of Chris Daggs who runs the Development team for Swamis cycling club (one of the sponsors of Fly V)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Cheer on Phil Zajicek for KOM at Tour of California

Euro Peloton says Phil Zajicek possible KOM contender

.... The Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living Foundation squad has all-arounder Phil Zajicek as a possible KOM contender, and the Eugene, Oregon native will look to show his good early season form in California. Like Burke Swindlehurst, Zajicek probably won't be on the GC hunt, so he'll have the chance to escape into some select break aways in search of KOM points. As the 2007 Mt. Hood stage race 2nd place overall and winner of the hilly Cascade Classic, Zajicek will turn heads when the road tilts up.....
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All coming together...

Here are some photos from yesterday.

The boys arrive at LAX after a long day.


Alex working hard.

Rich working hard.

Few more to go...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Team Bike - Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living Foundation

First look at team bike

Team Bike set up:

Frame: Parlee Z4 carbon
Fork: Edge Composites 1.0
Wheelset: Edge Composites 38mm all carbon clincher
Brakes: TRP 960
Drivetrain: SRAM Red
Bar: Edge
Stem: Thompson (temporary—will be Edge Composites by Tour of California)
Seatpost: Thompson (temporary—will be replaced with Edge Composites by Tour of California)
Saddle: Fi'zi:k Antares

Pedals: Speedplay

Phil Z did a nice interview with VeloNews about the bike. Click here for the article

Fly V Australia p/b Successful Living Foundation top of the charts

Troy H just called me and told me that on Podium Cafe our Jersey was voted best design.

....And the judges say...

1. Fly v Australia/Successful Living

A major upset for the Aussie newcomer to the peloton runway! I'm sticking my neck way out here, because it appears the new kits have yet to be seen on the road, but fashion and drama go hand-in-hand, so no points deducted there. Anyway, the main color looks like a WWII era aircraft carrier, a decidedly neutral canvas on which they've laid some subtle colors. For originality, gold medal.....

Click here for the full article

San Diego continues to Support Fly V Australia / Successful Living

Swami Bob R and team rider Phil Zajicek came into El Camino Bike Shop to make some quick changes to his new Parlee bike. Phil is doing an interview with VeloNews today and wanted to make sure his ride was perfect. Click on the picture on the right and check out the cool brakes on the fork.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fly Vaustralia p/b Successful Living hanging out with Swamis

Steve Hegg invited a few Swamis to break bread with Team Riders. Several of the Swamis have riders living in their house until the team going to Sacramento for Stage 1 of the Tour of California. It was a family affair with Steve bringing his family and Troy H bringing his two kids.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All together in San Diego by Thursday

Fly Vaustralia p/b Successful Living will have its full team in San Diego starting on Thursday. The Australian contingent will be flying in tomorrow. After our last minute invitation to the Tour of California two weeks ago, we have worked overtime to get the team together. Starting tomorrow we will be together as a team.

We are going to be riding up Cole Grade today, which is the last big hill of Stage 8 of the Tour of California.

We should be at Boulevard road race on Saturday and the Red Trolley Crit on Sunday here in San Diego.

Look out San Diego here we come...

Bernie Sulzberger before Fly Vaustralia p/b Successful Living

Bernie Sulzberger is now on our team, but here is a good interview from PezCycling about a year ago, before he joined our team. Here is what he says about himself:

...... I can climb well - I won the mountains classification in the Sun Tour last October - and I have a good sprint from small groups, I also have good mobility in within the bunch. I think that I still have a lot of potential to develop, I've been getting stronger and more experienced every year and don't see why that progression should stop. I'm also very comfortable in the domestique's role if the situation demands.....

Click here for the rest of the article

San Diego Origins of the Team

Fly Vaustralia Presented by Successful Living has its origins right here in San Diego.
Before combining with its counterpart in Australia, Successful Living has be managed by local San Diegian Steve Hegg. This year Successful Living asked for help from North County Cycling Team Swamis to grow the team. The three way partnership of Vaustralia, Successful Living, and Swamis Cycling Club has enabled San Diego to have a local team riding the Tour of California.
Every San Diegian should be following and cheering Fly Vaustralia on Stage 8 of the Tour of California.