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Our team is being co-managed by team directors Steve Hegg & Henk Vogels. Steve, gold medal winner at the 1984 Olympics and Henk, Tour de France rider, each have over 20 years of professional cycling experience.

The team will be based both in Australia and the U.S. racing 40 to 50 races in each country in 2009.

Team Roster
USA - Alessandro Bazzana / Curtis Gunn / Charles Dionne / Micheal Grabinger / Phil Zajicek
Australia - Bernard Sulzberger / David Kemp / Hayden Brooks / Ben Day / Ben King / Jonathan Cantwell

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Team OUCH spin on Fly V Australia's Win at Boulevard

So was this just tactics or does Cameron Evans from Team OUCH know he is out classed by Ben Day....

...“The guys from Fly V were very aggressive on the last lap,” Evans said. “With four of them up there, I knew they would attack, and I figured one of them had a good chance of winning the race.

“First, I wanted to make sure I was at least on the podium,” he continued. “After all the attacking, it was down to me, Ben and David (Kemp; V Australia). With about 1 km to go, Ben rolled off the front and got a gap. At that point, I didn’t want to chase and drag his teammate up there, so I made sure I could at least secure second place in the sprint.”.....
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San Diego Origins of the Team

Fly Vaustralia Presented by Successful Living has its origins right here in San Diego.
Before combining with its counterpart in Australia, Successful Living has be managed by local San Diegian Steve Hegg. This year Successful Living asked for help from North County Cycling Team Swamis to grow the team. The three way partnership of Vaustralia, Successful Living, and Swamis Cycling Club has enabled San Diego to have a local team riding the Tour of California.
Every San Diegian should be following and cheering Fly Vaustralia on Stage 8 of the Tour of California.